After a career in technology marketing and project management, I became a mom. I started managing my first mom-focused website in 2004, then went on to help a non-profit open 100 locally-focused sites across the country. In 2010 I founded which went on to win several awards.

Working to be healthy has been part of my life for a long time, but became a greater focus after my husband and I decided to turn an extra bedroom in our house into a home gym. We had reached our 40s and figured we had two choices: watch our health and fitness levels slowly decline or fight it. So we moved our younger son upstairs and took over his room. The alarm went off a 4:30am four days a week (we let ourselves sleep until 6 or 7 on weekends) and started with P90X. That was 2011, and we’re still going.

We moved to Plano in 2014 and now use the room that’s supposed to be a home office as our gym. We still do some P90X programs, plus Body Beast, and enjoy cussing at several trainers on Daily Burn via Roku as well. Ok, full disclosure, I do most of the cussing. When it comes to working out, my husband is more motivated that I am most days.

We do our best to eat right, exercise, get fresh air, and get our two sons to do the same. It’s a daily battle.

My husband and I grew up in New England and have since lived in Charlotte, NC, Little Rock, Memphis and are now glad to call Plano home. Join me as I work to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle in Plano.

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