A reader asked: How do you deal with the water here? We are using a Brita filter and I swear the water tastes worse after we got back from vacation and we just replaced the filter! Does the water taste worse this time of year, or did we just get spoiled drinking better tasting water elsewhere? Is there a better filter out there? Water service? What does everyone else do for drinking water?

Lots of great responses, including a link to the North Texas Municipal Water District FAQ page that included this:

Taste and/or odor changes are due to a naturally occurring event, an algal bloom. An algal bloom exists when conditions such as temperature of the lake water, nutrients, and sunlight are optimum for algae to reproduce. As a result of the algal bloom, taste and odor changes occur. The event is a palatability issue and does not change the high standard for water quality.

With that in mind, here are some mom-recommended ways of dealing with this thankfully temporary issue.  Please share your tips via a comment.

Buy Water

  • We buy ours by the 5 gallon at Dubs Tea and Water at Parker and Independence. $1.50 per refill. Flouride and chlorine free, great taste!
  • We purchased a water cooler from Walmart and use a locally owned water company off of Parker in front of the Tom Thumb. He has very reasonably priced bottles and is extremely nice. The name of his company is deceiving, it’s called Dubs Tea and Water.
  • There has been some guy at Costco with samples of water promoting a bottle water delivery service. No idea how the cost compares but the water tastes great and you don’t have to turn the big jugs upside down like you used to. It plugs in and pumps the water up, so the jug goes in a door underneath.
  • We use the Costco guys water. It’s $20 per month and tastes amazing
  • We just bought a ton of bottled water for cooking & drinking. It’ll be back to normal soon!
  • Learn which restaurants filter their water very well and subscribe to a bottling service. We use Water 4U on Legacy and Coit.
  • We buy bottled water because our son is 8 months and I refused to make his bottles with it. The other day I turned the water on and it had the worst smell!
  • We own a water crock (porcelain water dispenser) that u put the big 5 gallon bottle on and just refill it at Kroger for a few dollars every 10 days or so. we keep a small 2 gallon dispenser in the refrigerator that we also refill at Kroger.

Buy a Water Filter

  • The water is worse this time of year than normal. We have a filtered water system in our fridge and then we have a Brita filter that we utilize for quicker/larger pours (like refilling the coffee maker). The Brita has a harder time filtering than our fridge system, so I tend to rely on that more frequently this time of year. The water should go back to normal soon, but it’s definitely worse now than it normally is. Hope this helps!
  • We had to go with a full home water filtration system. Rainsoft does free water tests. I suggest you give them a try even to just check your water. You’ll be surprised with what you’ll find. Scary stuff. Soft water is much nicer to swallow.
  • We got a whole house water conditioner & softener from RainSoft.
  • Reverse osmosis! Pretty much all water tastes nasty to us now