I think my kids are addicted to Hopdoddy’s burgers and milk shakes.  They practically beg to go there every weekend.  This weekend we gave in and went to the Belt Line location (sometimes we go to the McKinney Ave location after visiting something downtown) and it was as good as ever.  None of us even bother with a menu anymore.

It’s a fun, casual place where you order at the counter and get your own drinks, but they also have friendly wait staff that visit, and will get you more food (milk shakes!) if you need something.  They also have a full bar and lots of fun signs and pictures, plus several TVs.  You’ve got to love a restaurant with a sense of humor, including a selfie stick available while you wait in line and employees wearing shirts with funny sayings.


Their food is delicious.  They sell salads too, but I’ve never bothered to get one as the burgers are so darn good.  Probably in part because they buy local, high-quality ingredients.  You can sit inside or out, and they even have fresh cucumber water and dog bones outside.

The downtown location has free parking (at least it’s been free when we go on the weekends) and the Belt Line location is next to an AMC movie theater.  Great options for a family outing.

Hopdoddy’s Burger Bar
5100 Beltline Rd, Addison
3227 McKinney Ave, Dallas