Are you looking for something new to do on these HOT summer days?  How about designing your own ice cream? iCream Cafe in Frisco is a really different ice cream experience where you design your ice cream every step of the way, and then watch as it’s made right in front of you!

First you select your flavor from a ridiculously long list.  We opted for vanilla as no one was feeling creative that day!  Thankfully they have some suggestions to get your mind going.  Then you select ice cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet.  They will go to a milk machine (at least that’s what we called it in my sorority days) and put the appropriate milk products in a bowl along with the flavor(s). Next your mixture goes to a mixer and they blend it together along with a blast of liquid nitrogen! Obviously this was the part my kids liked the best (outside of eating it). It’s all smokey and dramatic.  Great stuff. Once your ice cream is made they mix in any extra toppings.

The last part is to eat it and enjoy. And they do birthdays too!

iCream Cafe
9250 Dallas Parkway, Frisco