There is something about the combination of lunch out with a friend and browsing that totally makes my day.  I get some much needed girl conversation, and I get to look at beautiful, interesting things.  Today I went to Lekka Cafe & Gifts – and I got to do both on the same trip.  Bonus!

The food was very tasty and the service was friendly.  Their iced tea is fabulous, and so was “the sandwich” – although it would have been just as good without quite as much (probably high calorie) sauce.  We didn’t get dessert, but I was certainly tempted.  A lady one table over raved about one in particular – “melts in your mouth” was her review.  Since we were there for lunch on a weekday it definitely had the “ladies who lunch” feel to it, but I know my husband would love their food too.  It was unique without being weird.

I can’t wait to go back and enjoy the patio.  It looks great out there. Now, about the browsing.

The shop has a strong garden focus, but also lots of candles and other items that could easily live inside your home.  Thankfully it was warm enough today to visit the outside part of their store.  I really liked the metal, lit palm trees but my husband said “no way” (via text…of course…I’m sure we’re not the only couple communicating this way during work hours).

There were some babies/preschoolers there during lunch too.  They do have a small kids menu and high chairs.  Go check it out!

Lekka Cafe & Gifts

17606 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75252