Got allergies? My husband was having a rough morning, so I sprayed some essential oils (from Whole Foods) on his neck and things got better fast. I don’t recall the exact recipe, I mixed it last year for my kids…the grapeseed oil is a carrier (you add a few drops of the other oils to it).

  • Peppermint: eases nasal congestion.
  • Lavender: natural antihistamine
  • Lemon: treats respiratory problems
  • Eucalyptus: natural expectorant

Another thing that helps us a lot is an air purifier. We have this running in our bedroom and in my older son’s room. I love that you vaccum the filter instead obuying new ones again and again.

My son usually needs medication for a couple of weeks each spring, but we’re otherwise able to avoid it and help manage symptoms with these two things. Keep our cats clean helps a lot too (and he locks them out of his bedroom each spring).

Any other tips to manage seasonal allergies?