My husband and I lived in Charlotte, NC for 12 years.  Our favorite pizza place was Brixx.  From there we moved to Little Rock, then Memphis.  Neither place had a pizza place we liked, and we tried a bunch.  We had an ideal in our heads and nothing matched up.  Our kids loved plenty of pizza places, but we missed Brixx.  Since moving to Plano we’ve been to Taverna Rossa a few times, and it seems we’ve finally found our new pizza place!!

The crust is small (not doughy or overpowering), and the toppings are interesting. Plus they’ve got yummy salads, a ton of beers on tap, and….well…the last time we went it just happened to be “ladies night” and they sold us wine for half-price.  Sweet.

I mean…what more could you want?  Great pizza, great atmosphere, locally owned, a patio (overlooking water…not a parking lot), nice people (they took time to talk with my kids) and, as you can see, the desserts didn’t suck either:

Taverna Rossa
4005 Preston Rd, Plano