With this beautiful December weather, and the recommendation of a fan, we opted to check out the Heard Museum yesterday. It was larger than I expected, especially the indoor part, and we all enjoyed our time there.

Prairie Village

This adorable outdoor area contains several kid-sized buildings that create a village. There are spots for adults to sit in case your kids are old enough that you don’t have to follow behind and make sure they don’t get hurt! Take a minute to read the signs and learn more about life in a pioneer village.

Outdoor Animals

In December many of these animals were staying indoors, but there were still some outside. The butterfly area was also closed. It’s basically a little zoo. This is not a large area, so it’s easy for a young child to walk through. The path is not stroller-friendly but they do have some kid carry backpacks available to borrow in case you want to carry your child through. There are benches and picnic areas and the trees and plants are all labeled.

Inside the Museum

See the Mammoth bones found in Richardson, learn about animal fur, see rocks and shells and learn about tree rings. You’ll also see animal habitats, a bear, animal bones, copper, fossils and more! If your child enjoys science or animals they easily will find something interesting here.

There are several live animals inside the museum, including a room with nothing but snakes. There are also owls, lemur, turtles and tortoises, even tarantulas.

There are many interactive exhibits including a dino dig area and blocks. Some exhibits actually say “touch me.”

Other Info

They have backpacks available for you to borrow in case you want to carry a child – the grounds are not stroller friendly unless you’ve got a stroller with large wheels. There are warning signs around about the importance of staying on the paths and avoiding poison ivy and the creatures who might live there. There is a gift shop with some food and beverages for sale. Check their website for camps and special events like Zip Line Days!

Beautiful amphitheater


The Dinosaurs are a seasonal exhibit (typically fall/winter). They are life-size, move and make noises – their eyes moving around are a bit creepy! The path is about a mile long, so bring a carrier for anyone with little legs! This exhibit is open until February 21st, 2016.

Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary
1 Nature Place, McKinney