I’ve been hearing great things about Hope Park in Frisco, so this weekend we went to check it out.  It’s a large, unique playground inside Frisco Commons park.  It has several sections, all surrounded by a fence – and one main entrance!  This a great spot for a family outing, playdate or birthday party.  Check it out below, and click on the photos to make them bigger.

As with most playgrounds, there are big kid sections and little kid sections.  The little kid section includes a pretend train, store fronts, and a really funny thing that looks like a Toddler Conveyer Belt to me.  Most of this area is covered in that squishy sold surface stuff.


The big kid area includes more wooden and rope structures to climb, tons of swings (baby and big kid) as well as the chair type of swings for kids who need them (although I didn’t see any working harnesses).  There is also a seesaw (the safe kind, so it won’t conk your kid in the head), a spinning thing, a sand box (with no toys or tools) and a giant tire-type swing.


The entire playground is full of interesting touches.  Tiles with kid fingerprints, names of donors on the fence posts, quotes, musical features, games and more.

There are bathrooms by the spraygrounds (very close) and one huge covered area with picnic tables. You cannot rent out this area, but you can use it for a party – it’s a first come, first use area…with no fees required.  We didn’t see any water fountains.  There are some benches and lots of seating in the pavilion.

Hope Park
Frisco Commons
8000 McKinney Rd, Frisco, TX
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