The new all-abilities playground at Jack Carter park is now open! This $1.9 million project serves children with disabilities and includes experiences that involve movement and climbing as well as a mix of tactile, visual and auditory features.

The park was built thanks in part to a $25,000 donation from the Rotary Club of Plano. Like other city parks one area is geared towards 2-5 year olds and the other towards 5-12 year olds.

The 2-5 year old section includes a low slide, low climbing structures, a table with pieces that move, a small gong-shaped bell and a long section with different tactile and musical activities.

The 5-12 year old structure has a couple of slides – one made out of rollers and the other is really bumpy. The giant thing below, that looks a bit like a restaurant booth, rocks (with a fair amount of effort). The larger play structure includes tactile and musical areas.

There are also a few regular swings, a giant nest-like swing (above photo) and two large bucket swings. A fun conveyor-belt like structure looks like fun for crawling through too.

Other Stuff

  • The playground is right next to the parking lot, and not near the street.
  • The bathrooms are next to the playground (left side of photo below), and a water fountain is on the other side.
  • The original large, covered pavilion is nearby. It has several picnic tables underneath and I think it’s available for rent.
  • There is a large bench with a shade over it (near the bathrooms) right in front of the 2-5 year old equipment. The other benches are not shaded.
  • There is a second, smaller shade structure nearby (top middle of photo)
  • The playground area does not have any shade
  • The playground flooring is the squishiest stuff I’ve ever walked on!

Photo from the City of Plano

Jack Carter Park Playground
Opening Spring 2017
2800 Maumelle Dr, Plano
park map (PDF)