Safari Run “fitness-based children’s entertainment venue” opened June 2016 at the intersection of Coit & Park in Plano. We had the opportunity to check the place out during their Media Day, and my eight year old had a fabulous time! Here’s the scoop on what to expect.

The Little Cubs Room

This gated area is designed with toddlers in mind (the main area is designed for ages 5-12). There is a fun 2-story play structure with places to climb, slide and crawl. There is plenty to do while you assist, or sit on a nearby couch and relax. There are actually two small seating areas inside this room, and the second one has a TV showing the action in the main room, so you could stay in this area with your little one while your older child plays in the main area. Brilliant!

The Main Area

There is a lot of open floor space in the main play area, with two seating areas at the end and a giant, 30 story play structure that includes multiple slides, and lots of places to climb and crawl.


Pressing the pad at this entrance to the play structure causes the timer (above the entrance) to stop and restart, so kids can time themselves!

This alligator slide is FAST! Thankfully there is a thick pad at the end as the kids were being shot out of it.

Birthday Parties

When there is a birthday party at Sarafi Run it’s private, so you get the whole place to yourself. After playing you can sit for cake and food in The Lions Den. You can bring in your own or get take out. They are working with Campisi’s Restaurant if you want pizza (or anything else on their menu). There is a TV in this room (you can see it in this photo) and a projector and large screen on one wall. The opposite end of the room has commercial sinks.


Fitness Classes

Safari Run offers one-hour fitness classes for kids ages 3-7.

The Arcade

A view of the whole room and what I like to call “the wall of crap” (aka prizes) your kids can earn with their tickets. My kids love the prizes at these places, I’m not as big of a fan, if you can’t tell!


Not a huge selection of games, but definitely ones that kids enjoy!

Other Stuff

Socks are required and you need to complete a waiver for your kids to play.There are cubbies for shoes inside the main play area, plus (huge plus IMO) sinks for hand washing and water fountains. And there are stools at every sink and fountain (in the bathroom too)! There are changing tables in each bathroom, and water fountains in that area too. Outside food and drinks are not allowed.

There are two seating areas inside the main play area.

Sinks for hand washing

The lobby area has table and couch seating plus snacks and coffee for sale. They are partnering with Market Street to provide snacks. There is free WiFi!

Safari Run
2300 Coit Rd, Plano
$10 per child. Memberships are available. Prices are as of September 2016.