When my kids heard there was a tank at a playground in Plano they were suddenly ready to GO! My big kid is a huge military buff (we took a family trip to the WWII Museum in New Orleans when he turned 10) and was practically begging to go.

Besides the awesome tank this playground was pretty ordinary.  There are swings, a couple of playground structures and some benches. There are a couple of baby swings, a handicap swing and several regular swings.  I really don’t remember much of it as they just didn’t care.  If you’re looking for a fun playground there are better options, but if you’re looking for a tank, well, just go!  It’s all about the tank!

The park is wide open.  It’s not right next to the street, and there is nothing hazardous nearby (like a pond) and no shade.  There are no bathrooms or working water fountains.

The tank is a M41-A3 Walker Bulldog (Wikipedia entry), a United States tank used during the Korean War.  It weighs 23.5 tons, has a 76mm gun and can travel up to 45mph. These tanks were produced in the 1950’s by the Cadillac Plant at Cleveland, Ohio. This model tank was provided by the U.S. to the South Vietnamese and used successfully against the North Vietnamese T54/55 tanks in the Republic of Viet Nam during the 1950s and 1960s.

Liberty Park
park map (PDF)
2601 Glencliff Dr, Plano