Looking for a shady spot for the kids to play, with a trail for a run or walk? Old Shepherd Park in southwest Plano is a great option. You’ll find lots to do, and plenty of shade for you and the kids.


There are plenty of baby swings, with mulch underneath and trees above.

Bigger kids will love to two playground sets, with lots of mulch underneath. There is a lot of shady open space.

There is a long row of regular swings set apart from the baby swings.
There are two cool balance items at this park too:

There are bathrooms, but I don’t recall seeing water fountain, so come prepared. There is another large playground structure very close by, in the sun, and some fields. The park is in the same complex as Huffman Elementary and Shepton High School.


Old Shepherd Place Trail loops around the playground area for .6 miles. If you run that loop, get on Channel Isle Drive and run the loop on the White Rock Park Trail it’s a total of around 1.4 miles. See this trail pdf for the details.

Old Shephard Park
park pdf
1301 Winding Hollow Lane, Plano