We’ve all heard the phrase “breast is best” and I don’t think anyone disagrees with this statement. That said, it’s certainly not always easy when you first get started. As someone who successfully breastfed both kids to the one year mark, I will say that past around six months it is actually easy. Well…then there is biting, and distraction, and okay….nothing about motherhood is easy! But once you get the kinks worked out it is definitely a lot easier. Some moms have some pretty big “kinks” though, so professional help can be necessary. A reader asked for lactation consultant recommendations and the Plano Area Moms on Facebook were happy to provide some assistance:

Feeding mom’s milk to little brother

A few general tips:

  • The hospital where you delivered or your pediatrician may have a lactation consultant on staff. Try fenugreek capsules, they really helped me but I had to take a lot. The lactation consultant had me take 3 pills 4 times a day. Keep pumping and nursing. I also started switch nursing. I also would pump after I nursed to completely empty my breasts so I would produce even more milk. www.kellymom.com is a good resource too. The more milk you empty from the breast the more you will produce.
  • The Fenugreek may take a couple of days to work so keep taking them even if you don’t notice a change in a day or two. Call your pediatrician or hospital and see if they have a lactation consultant on hand to talk to and get the exact dose.
  • Not a consultant but the supplement fenugreek is amazing for low supply. My consultant in the nicu recommended it. Fixed my issue.

Lactation Consultants

Texas Health Plano

  • My sister-in-law and I both used the consultants at A Mother’s Gift at Presbyterian Plano. Very helpful and reassuring. 
  • Julie Harmon at a Mother’s Gift on the 3rd floor, Plano Presby. She also leads the lactation support group on Wednesdays 10:30-12 in 4th floor nursery.

Natural Beginnings
Richardson, Plano, Garland
Doulas, lactation consultants, breastfeeding classes, breastpump rentals

  • AMAZING!!! Cleo is awesome. Came to my house 3 times in 2 weeks.
  • A super strong endorsement for Cleo Marchase also!! She saved us in our first week breastfeeding and got us off a nipple shield immediately. She comes to your home and even answered my follow up questions via phone after the initial appointment. She is kind, professional, knowledgeable and thorough.
  • She was the only one to find my son’s posterior tongue tie and balloon palate. Saved our nursing relationship! Pumped for 8 weeks to full time nursing because of her.

Pediatric Associates of Dallas
5800 Communications Pkwy, Plano
They have a consultant on staff. Plano office is great!

Texas Health Allen

  • Vicki at Texas Health Allen is AMAZING.
  • Vicki Gettel is awesome. She was a lifesaver!!!
  • YES!!!! I had worked with various LCs at the hospital I delivered at and they didn’t help much. I went to Vicki based on the recommendation from our old pedi and it was the best decision we could have made. She is the sole reason my son and I were able to have a nursing relationship and we kept at it until we weaned at 15 months. She is so nurturing and knowledgeable and has suggestions for every problem you have. I still get emotional thinking about her because she changed mine and my son’s life for the better and I’ll be forever grateful for her!!!
  • YES to Vicki at Texas Health Allen! She is so kind and helpful!

Judy Eastburn

  • she came to my house. 
  • Judy is awesome!!
  • I third Judy!!

Bundle Born Midwifery
Teri Mitchell

Support Groups

La Leche League of Texas
Support groups in Plano, McKinney and more.

The Nappy Shoppe
3253 Independence Parkway, Plano
4811 Broadway, Addison
breast feeding support groups and several of the staff are certified l/c.

  • When my kids were tiny and I had issues I would go to A Mother’s Gift inside Presby-Plano. They were amazing there and helped me with more than once.
  • They were amazing for me and my children as well!