Gaining weight while pregnant is pretty easy.  Losing the weight can be pretty tough.  I’m sure you all know moms who had the basketball pregnancy – where they look exactly as they did before getting pregnant, but with a basketball-like belly sticking out.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to be one of those women!

With my first pregnancy I felt better when I ate – less nauseous.  Plus I told myself I was pregnant and it was okay to eat more.  A ten pound gain in my first trimester was not a great way to start off a pregnancy!  I think I gained 50 pounds total.  I got back in shape by watching what I ate, breastfeeding, walking (with him in a carrier, then a stroller), yoga DVDs, and later time at the gym (once he was older and I was comfortable with the idea of leaving him in childcare). My second pregnancy I was much smarter and gained a lot less.  After he was born we went on a lot of walks with my ERGO carrier, then back to the gym.

Today I stay in shape by working out at home, with my husband. We got tired of the juggle to get to the gym and keep the kids happy, so we turned a bedroom into a home gym and now we have no excuse. Finding a gym with great childcare can be a challenge. Here are some spots the moms recommend, and for Mommy & Me classes check the Pregnancy Exercise Classes post:

Texas Family Fitness
East & West Plano, The Colony, Frisco, Allen & more

  • I take my kids to Texas Family Fitness with me and they love the kids’ area. There is a whole indoor climbing/sliding play area, movies, art, baby dolls, push toys, and computer games for older kids. The gym itself is no frills but clean with all the equipment you could need. The power yoga and spin classes are both good as well. Price here was significantly lower and they are always running specials.
  • Texas Family Fitness at Coit & Spring Creek and another location is Parker & Alma.
  • Texas Family Fitness! I go to Alma/Parker. The childcare helpers are awesome! They clean and wipe down everything
  • Plano East Texas family fitness

Lifetime Fitness
Preston Rd, Plano & North Dallas

  • I’m a member and fitness teacher at Lifetime Fitness North Dallas and Richardson Ymca. Both offer great classes and great childcare.
  • Lifetime Fitness!!! I joined just for Danceton classes (actually make working out fun) and childcare areas have bounce house, jungle gym, computers, movie area, and baby area!

Plano, Richardson, Frisco, McKinney

  • Plano YMCA, about $40 a month
  • Plano family y has excellent child care. I have been going there for 4 years now and have never had a problem.