SPARK! is an indoor play and art space designed for kids in grades 2-12. It opened in 2015 and I’ve been wanting to go since I read about it in the paper! I finally got there, and it was worth the wait!


Imagine one of those indoor kid play places, but designed for BIG kids, and full of “upcycled” art pieces – that’s SPARK! It’s a “hands-on learning and total creative immersive environment” inspired by a visit to The City Museum in St. Louis (which I’ve also always wanted to visit).

There are art pieces everywhere in this place – under the slides, around the poles, on the floor and more. Art pieces made of soda cans, and flip flops, and water bottles! When we were there the soda can and water bottle project supplies were available. They also have a kiln, t-shirt silk screening equipment, and probably some other art supplies I couldn’t see.

Clockwise from upper left: soda can butterflies, flip flop butterfly, floor tile, water bottle tree.

The first room is a giant open space with a painted floor and a nautical theme (complete with mermaid mannequin). There were art project supplies set up there when we visited.

In one corner of the room is a giant steel ship (kids can go underneath or on the deck) that connects to the next room (or you can just walk through the doorway).

The next room is AMAZING. It’s mostly taken up by the giant Climb, Crawl, Slide Structure. This isn’t a place to bring toddlers or really young kids, or any kid who is really afraid of heights. Wear shoes that tie, and skip the dresses/skirts. This means you too, as you’ll want to walk around (there is a spiral staircase, so you don’t have to do anything crazy to get up or down, but some of the inclines are steep enough that it’s difficult in flip flops). Get ready to go!

A giant slide, with a pad at the bottom

That’s a table in the background, to give some perspective on the size of this sculpture.

Crawling around.

A passageway to someplace.

That’s a net, hanging way up high. So it’s like you’re in a nest.


A dragon, up in the Climb, Crawl, Slide Structure. And watch out – there are dragon eggs too!

They also have a Lego table, a percussion area (with a little recording studio for camps and field trips), a giant Light Bright, and all the crafts.

Visit their website for specifics on when they are open to the public. They also have adult nights (Create with Cocktails!), summer camps, Shoes & Stories, Adult Recess and more. Check it out!

1409 S. Lamar Street, Dallas