Since May 2016, two stray dogs have been causing problems for some Plano residents. Dubbed “Bonnie and Clyde” by the father of one young victim, the city thinks these two strays are responsible for eight bites. While they are not aggressive, they are biting people.

“It is believed bites occur because one of the dogs is an Australian Cattle Dog whose natural instincts to herd are being inadvertently triggered by people jogging. Nearly every bite involves a person running with the dog approaching from behind, biting the back of their leg, and then running off when confronted. This breed of dog is bred to herd cattle by nipping the back of the cattle’s legs (hence the “heelers” nickname). A human leg does not tolerate this behavior as well as a cow leg.”

My son was bitten by a Austrian Shepherd, and it fits this description perfectly. He was running and playing with other kids, and the dog came after him with no warning.

You can see a map of sightings of these dogs here. The city wants anyone who sees these dogs to call 911. Read the entire statement here.