It’s bluebonnet time! Are you looking for spots to enjoy bluebonnets and take photos? Watch out for rattlesnakes, fire ants, bees, scorpions, and/or other hurtful vermin. Watch where you step, stand, and sit. Please share more areas via a comment and I’ll keep this post updated!

Oak Point Park

Oak Point Park 2017, photo by Chadwick Stelzl

Chadwick Stelzl posted two great bluebonnet photos to his Instagram account from Oak Point Park on March 20, 2017.

Legacy Office Park

Legacy Dr (between the Tollway and Sam Rayburn), Plano

Another shot of this great bluebonnet field and Legacy and 121/tollway. Unfortunately my son was not quite as excited as the rest of us about these gorgeous bluebonnets!! 2015

JCPenney West Hill, 2017

  • JCPenney headquarters: The east Hill has been completely demolished for construction. The west Hill has some construction on it and there is only one direction to take photos now. Luckily, it is the direction towards the sunset. Blue Bonnets are out, but they are small and not as nice as last year. (2017)
  • Frito-Lay Headquarters
  • You can park at the gated entrances and walk onsite – the surrounding “rolling hills” are covered with bluebonnets & other wildflowers

Spring Creek Area

Spring Creek and Parker Road area near Oak Point, March 2017

  • There’s also some in Plano off of the trails. Cuter & Springcreek. Or Independence & Spring Creekish area. Again along that trail. I haven’t seen any this year yet though & the rain will be coming on hard this month.
  • Bluebonnet Trail” in Plano. I just saw some yesterday in the Custer & Spring Creek area.

Bluebonnet Trail, March 12 2017. Photo by Abby Goerz

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Bethany Drive

Headed West from 75, past Watters Creek. The bonnets are on small hills so they even show in the back ground. You have to park on the u turns, but everyone parks there.

Russell Creek Park

Photo by @bananasaurusrex_ on Instagram March 2017

Near Fujitso in Richardson

Near Fujitso in Richardson, 2015

(2016) Richardson, in the NORTHEAST side of Dallas, on the intersection of Shiloh Rd and Research Dr (by the Fujitso Network Communication offices), between Breckenridge Blvd and Lookout Dr.

It’s a huge field with very thick bluebonnet patches. Found off Shiloh and Research Dr by Fujitsu Communications.

Breckinridge Park


Gracie Mae. 4/11/2015 at Zion Cemetery in Little Elm. The bluebonnets are not as full as I’ve seen them there in the past but still very pretty. Maybe in a week or two they might fill in more.

Zion Cemetery

426 & Main, Frisco

This is at the Zion cemetery off of 423 in Frisco (the road to turn into isnt labeled but you will see the zion cemetery sign and it is before you hit panther creek going south). Great public place, pretty good parking on the side of the road and pretty kid friendly. They are very far down the hill from the graves, so it is very easy to be respectful of the grave markers. Took this today, there are still quite a bunch left! 2015

  • 423 and main in Frisco. It is located at Zion Cemetery. There is a beautiful lake in the background and a wire and white fence that runs around it. There is also a dirt road going uphill. Very nice for photographs!
  • I went there two years ago. The cemetery was prettier to me than the bluebonnets, but I might have been a lil off on their bloom. Gorgeous location tho!

Zion Cemetery in Frisco on FM 423, 2015

International Parkway/Midway

SW Plano

Great bluebonnet field on International Parkway and Midway in West Plano. 2015

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

4000 Midway Road, Carrollton