The City of Plano started renovations to the south side of Carpenter Park May 2017, including drainage, tree replacement and naturalizing the ponds. The park opened in 1984. Improvements in this round of updates:

  1. A number of existing trees will be removed and replaced with 62 new, 4-inch caliper trees
  2. Complete renovation of the existing drainage channel that divides the park including eliminating the concrete lining and adding fountains, decorative rock and weirs. This requires some tree removal.
  3. Improving all athletic fields on the south side of the park including increasing the size of the soccer fields so they are the standard size (this requires tree removal), adding bleacher shade structures, new restrooms, irrigation system and field lighting.
  4. Adding a skate park (see photo, above, from the City of Plano). Full details on the skate park features here.
  5. A loop trail has been proposed to tie into Preston Ridge Trail and Bluebonnet Trail. The new trail will be located along Coit and Denham Way.
  6. Adding more parking
  7. Eventually, a new traffic signal will be constructed at Bluebonnet Trail and Coit Road

Photo: City of Plano (click for full size, link to full Master Plan image below)

“Six million dollars was approved in the 2013 bond election for improvements at Carpenter Park. This amount will only cover the improvements on the south side of the drainage channel and improvements to the drainage channel itself. The north side improvements will not be constructed until additional funds become available. Funding for construction of the skate park was approved in the 2005 bond election.”

Most of these renovations should be done Fall 2017 with the Skate Park completed mid-2018. Stay tuned! You can see the master plan here.