One thing I really love about Plano is the beautiful landscaping at neighborhood entrances and other public places I see in my day-to-day life. Plants are so much more interesting than just grass, or pavement, and native plants are drought and heat tolerant!

The City of Plano is offering matching grants to neighborhood groups “interested in building strong relationships around a community-driven beautification project.”

The match part means half the cost of the project needs to be absorbed by the group, but this includes labor and in-kind donations, so you can get this done with no cash outlay if you’re willing to get sweaty and dirty. And let’s face it, getting sweaty and dirty can be fun!

Small initiatives ($500-$2,000) should be completed within 6 months of approval and larger initiatives ($2,001-$10,000) within one year. All projects must:

  • support neighborhood goals
  • be highly visible from the public realm
  • have a community benefit
  • enlist community participation
  • result in an enhancement of the neighborhood appearance
  • be within the City of Plano limits

The deadline for the next round of grants is Tuesday, August 1st. Go here to learn more.

Villages of Preston Meadow: $10,000

Forest Creek $626

Top photo, Cambridge Place: $10,000 grant. Photos from City of Plano