Did you watch that scene in Casino Royale with the super hero-like guy jumping over every obstacle while being chased by James Bond? That was our first introduction to Parkour – and we were astonished.

According to Wikipedia, Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners move point to point in a complex environment, without assistance, in the fastest and most efficient way possible. This can includes running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling and more.

Primal Parkour is starting a Saturday class at Arbor Hills, and to celebrate they are holding a free demo class from 2-3:30pm on Saturday, June 3rd. After the class there will be a “jam” until 7pm – people from all over the community will come together to train and have fun. This way everyone can meet the local parkour community. People from other movement activities are also invited – yoga and acro yoga groups, running moms, slackline walkers, a unicycle club, whatever!

RSVP on their Facebook event if you’d like to go, as they plan to rent a pavilion if enough people commit to attending. “Please invite all friends in the area, experienced or beginner, young or old, and tell them there will be snacks.”

Photo: Kenny G. Chamberlin