Not far from Plano, Texas Tulips is a six-acre field of tulips you can visit starting Saturday, February 18th.  Get some fresh air, enjoy the beautiful scenery, take home some tulips and lots of pictures!

Pieter Koeman joined his parents in their tulip business in 1989, in Holland, with an 80-acre farm. After his father passed away in 2011 he moved to Texas and started Texas Tulips. Today he runs this tulip business with his family, and his mom too!

They have about 90 varieties of tulips. Admission is $3/person (kids under 1 are free) and tulips are $2.50/stem which includes being wrapped and covered with a special gel to preserve them as long as possible. They have baskets available to help you carry your selections.

No pets, no coolers (concessions for sale), not wheelchair friendly. Parking is free, field trips are available. Senior citizens can visit weekdays and take home 3 tulips for $7.50 per person. Here are some tips from people who have visited:

  • Beautiful! It’s out of a dream. We loved our time there. When we went the tulips were in their prime. Be sure to go sooner than later as many tulips are picked each day and they do not last forever.
  • We spent about an hour walking up and down the rows of the different varieties and finally making our selections. They provide the baskets, but we brought our own cutters, otherwise by hand is fine.
  • Great time today! Sweetest people running this thing. Highly recommend especially if you can go during the week.
  • We arrived at lunch time during their first open season weekend. The flowers were beautiful!! Rows and rows of tulips, but it was easy to notice they were not in full bloom. Anyone traveling here that knows anything about tulips and a farm experience know they are not entering a 5 star hotel. Wear clothes and shoes to be comfortable in and be prepared to wait!!
  • My advice go early and bring cash. While they are equipped to take credit cards they are slow processing them.

Texas Tulips
Facebook (check for updates, especially as the season comes to a close)
10656 FM 2931
Pilot Point, Texas
Open daily 9am-8pm
Admission $3/person (kids under 1 are free) and tulips are $2.50/stem
Wednesdays 7-9am $10 admission