When Vanessa Eckroat’s second child was born, she figured she knew just what to do. After all, she wasn’t a new mom anymore. It didn’t take long before she realized her daughter was reacting differently to the same products she used successfully with her son.

Scratching Until She Bled

Charlotte had dry, rough red patches on her skin and suffered from severe diaper rash. She would cry and scratch her skin until it bled, resulting in extra trips to the pediatrician and eventually an allergist. It was a constant battle.

“Our pediatrician recommended we stop using the more popular brands of baby bath products, lotions and diaper creams.  We started looking for products specifically designed for sensitive skin with distinctions like gentle, fragrance free, hypoallergenic and all-natural.”

While these products were a slight improvement, they didn’t actual fix the problem and little Charlotte continued to experience frequent eczema flare ups. Years pasted, and Vanessa continued to use the same “natural” products on her daughter, thinking she was doing the right thing.

Time For a Change

Fast forward a few years to summer 2015. Charlotte is now seven years old and was having a particularly bad case of eczema after a trip to the beach. The sand, sunscreen and chlorine were causing her problems. Desperate for a solution, Vanessa decided to listen to a friend who suggested a different line of skin care products – Beautycounter. She ordered the kids line of bath products and the body butter and decided to give it a shot. “We saw a change within days. Her skin was absolutely fine. I was shocked. The long term results have been incredible. I’m now able to completely manage her symptoms.”

Since this experience, Vanessa has learned more about the harmful ingredients in many skin care and beauty products – even the ones labeled as “all natural.” She decided to make more changes in the products her family uses. “I have learned that many personal care products include harmful chemicals, some even linked to cancer, reproductive health issues, ADHD, and more.”

I’ve included this image of ingredients to watch out for from the back of Vanessa’s business card. I recommend you save it to your phone so you can check it against labels in your house and at the store.

As you can imagine, Vanessa (email) now sells Beautycounter products and she’d be happy to talk with you if you’re interested in learning more.

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