Looking for a fun indoor activity? Aqua Shop lets you surf indoors!

You purchase a 30-minute session and then go around the front desk to the entrance when it’s your turn. There may be several people utilizing the Flowrider during one session, and there is always an instructor inside.  You can use a wave board (lay or kneel) or a small surf board (standing).  You have to be 42″ tall to surf.

My tween first decided to try the surf board, then realized that was probably a mistake. But he was still smiling! He wiped out and got pushed up to the top pretty quickly.

My little kid can be pretty timid in general, so I was just glad he agreed to try this.  He picked it up pretty fast, but still wiped out a couple of times. He ended up stopping after about 20 minutes as he said he didn’t feel good.  I’m assuming he was a little nauseous.

In both cases the instructor did a good job of telling and showing them what to do.  It’s loud in there, so visual instruction helps.  Sometimes he would ride a board back down and show us his skills, which included spraying the spectators in the store.  He made it look really easy.

You can sit in the store and enjoy the show, or go in with your kids to get a better look.  It’s warm inside, and plan on your feet getting wet.

There are three other inflatable attractions in the store: an obstacle course, a surf simulator and a cannonball shooting game.

They also have bathrooms, lockers and changing stalls you pass on the way into the Flowrider.

I didn’t participate, but if I did I’d wear a swim shirt over my bathing suit and take off all my jewelry.  Chances are high you’re going to lose your suit in there!  My boys were yanking theirs back up after each run.  You need to bring a towel too, and next time mine both plan to bring goggles (they wear them swimming) as they got a lot of water in their eyes.  I spoke with two kids who were surfing after us (8-10 yr olds) and they said it took them about four visits to get really good at surfing.  They both looked very happy and comfortable in there.

Aqua Shop does birthday parties, and offers discounts if you purchase a multi-session membership.  You don’t need a reservation to go, but they recommend it.  Make one online or call.

Aqua Shop
The Shops at Willow Bend
6121 W. Park Blvd, Plano