I’m not sure I agree with the name of the Dallas World Aquarium. Sure there are fish, but if that’s all you’re expecting to see you’re going to be shocked. It’s really more of a rain forest…or a tropical paradise, with sharks. We went this summer and my first thought was that this was the place to go when the weather was cold and dreary and you needed a mental break from it all. It’s just a beautiful place. Very lush, tropical, and full of life.

There are waterfalls, and birds flying around, and so many tropical plants.


You’ll see all sorts of reptiles,monkeys, frogs, turtles, giant bugs, bats and even crocodiles.  There are lots of opportunities to see animals up close, and you can even see them being fed if you time it right (schedule).

Overlooking the shark tank you can walk through

The sharks swim all around you in the tunnel. It’s fun to just sit and watch for a few minutes. I was unsuccessful in my attempt to take a selfie with one.

There are also live performances.  This one involved fire and was great fun for all of us to watch.  Thankfully the performer talked about the dangers of playing with fire after the performance!

There are places to eat at the aquarium, and while most of it is stroller friendly you’ll have an easier time there using a carrier.  There is plenty of surface parking nearby.  Be prepared to walk through the gift shop as it’s unavoidable…so you might want to prep your kids regarding your plans to spend money in there!  I highly recommend visiting with your family.

Dallas World Aquarium
1801 North Griffin St.
Dallas, TX 75202