After seeing some photos, I knew the Fort Worth Water Gardens was a must see for us. We visited last weekend, and were not disappointed.

There are several areas to the “garden,” which was built in 1974. We visited on a Saturday afternoon in April, and it wasn’t that busy. We saw the end of one wedding, the set-up of another, a quinceañera photo shoot (the girls climbed “the mountain” in their dresses!) and a lot of very fit people walking around due to a fitness expo at the convention center across the street.

Active Water Pool

The active pool is the loudest and most dramatic part of the garden. Water cascades 38 feet down terraces into a small pool at the bottom.


Aerated Water Pool

Stand close and you’ll get sprayed! A collection of illuminated spray fountains under large oak trees creates a peaceful spot.

The Aerated Water Pool at the Fort Worth Water Gardens, on a very windy day! #fortworth #watergarden

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Quiet Water Pool

The quiet, blue meditation pool is encircled with cypress trees (with roots growing between the cement) and very high walls covered with a thin waterfall. This is where one of the weddings was being held, so we were unable to go into this area.

The Mountain

Climb up the giant steps and get a great view. There is a grassy area on the other side where they hold concerts (and weddings!).

Things To Know

  1. No admission fee, but you’ll pay to park
  2. Wear sneakers or other active shoes. You cannot wade in any of the water so leave your flip flops at home. The steps leading into the Active Pool and up The Mountain are steep.
  3. The nearest bathrooms are across the street in the convention center.
  4. You never know what you might see as it’s a great spot for photos!

Fort Worth Water Gardens
1502 Commerce St, Fort Worth