Hard Knocks Laser Tag recently opened in Plano. My family was able to check it out last week, and we had a great time.

The warehouse

Unlike other laser tag places, Hard Knocks lets you choose your weapon and there are no individual stats. They provide a team focused “mission” (there are 70+ missions) in an “arena.” There are two arenas in the Plano location: a warehouse and an office (and if you bring a really big group you can use both).

After you sign in and watch video, you get some instructions, hear about your mission and get divided into teams.

Next you go in the Armory and select your weapon. I preferred a hand gun as it wasn’t that heavy, but my military-history buff tween was all about the P90. Your weapon is attached to a vest (camouflage or olive drab, depending on your team) with little round receivers on it (targets). Get shot and you’re KIA and have to leave the arena. There is a button on each gun that allows you to reload, which takes a couple of seconds (varies by weapon). Unlike traditional laser tag places, your vest doesn’t light up with your team color, so it’s a little more challenging to determine who is on your team.

Selecting weapons

We ran through three missions in about an hour, including our set-up time. Thankfully some of the employees joined us for two of the missions, since the four of us were the only people there at that time (it was Media Day). It was more fun with extra people, although I did enjoy battling it out with my kids. The last mission put my husband and I on a team against the kids, and we won!

Once you’re KIA, or if you’ve just come to watch, you can sit in their lobby area and watch the remaining players on the screens! One of them even includes a joystick that lets you move the camera. We all thought that was really cool. They will be serving bar-type food, snacks and drinks (including beer and wine) in the near future.

Once you have a membership ($5.99/yr) you can enjoy a free game on your birthday and with an A report card. They are open to kids ages 8 and up for walk-in play, and do birthday parties for kids ages 5 and up. They also do corporate events, bachelor/bachelorette parties and more. I’m not sure I’d bring really young kids there, as I think a traditional laser tag place would be simpler for them, but this is definitely a good spot for a tween/teen gathering, date night or a moms night out.

Hard Knocks Laser Tag
8740 Ohio Drive, Plano