If you have middle or high school students in your house who are really into sports, you need to check out Mac Speed & Strength. It’s a new training facility in West Plano that serves both kids and adults, and it’s pretty awesome! One of the owners, Jay McCareins (aka JMac), invited me to watch one of their youth workouts last week, to learn more about what they do and how kids can benefit.

Jay and the other owners, Justin McCareins and Jerome Collins, all both played football in the NFL, so they know a few things about exercising to improve performance and avoid injuries. All three are also parents.

Kid classes are 90-minutes and this summer they are being held three times a day with up to 14 kids and two coaches per session. They are for boys and girls entering 6th through 12th grades and kids can attend a maximum of four sessions per week. They start out with warm ups and dynamic stretching using the giant turf area.

Next they do a body weight circuit coupled with either jumping rope, stationary bikes, or a rower before some agility training on speed ladders or hurdles. One of the rising 9th grade girls I saw, a volleyball player, had been coming for a couple of weeks and you could tell as she was much faster on the drills than her peers.

They finished up their time with weights for the high school kids and body weight exercises for the middle schoolers.

They do benchmark testing at Mac’s as well, but not right away as they want the kids to be comfortable and using correct form before they start testing them. Their focus is on agility, jumping, and full body strength – not tests and rankings. They want to show kids how to do these things properly, for maximum performance and to avoid injury.

Mac’s is a nice, air conditioned and supervised spot for your kids to get or stay in shape this summer, in preparation for the next season or for try outs. Nikki McCareins, Jay’s “better half,” runs the adult training program with Barbell Cardio classes that are designed to burn 550-700 calories while increasing full body strength. Some adult classes overlap with the youth summer program, so you can use their facility together. Adults can try out a class (60 minutes) for free, and the first class for kids is just $24. After that you can purchase sessions in advance and pay between $30-$34 per session. They also offer sibling and team discounts.

Stop by and check them out!

Mac Speed & Strength
3645 Dallas Parkway (behind Whiskey Cake)