Have you been to Pinstack Bowl? They have a lot more than bowling! In addition to the video games you’d expect (there are a lot of them) they have rock climbing (with several different difficulty levels), laser tag and a ropes course over the game area.

Some of the video games are very active – jumping rope, bending to avoid lasers, and whacking on stuff. Most are very passive and bright and loud. This certainly isn’t a quiet and restful place!

bumper cars

ropes course

The room of crappy prizes!

We had such a great time with the games I didn’t even get photos of the bowling area. Oops. I did, however, get photos of the dining area. We were not huge fans of the entrees but it’s a good spot for a snack. They also have a bar serving coffee, treats and adult beverages that you can carry around the game area.

Texas Smokehouse Burger

Kid Chicken Tenders

Havana Hog Panini

Lots of TVs on the patio

Dining room

Pinstack Bowl
6205 Dallas Parkway, Plano