My friend Cheryl recently posted photos of her daughter’s experience at Skyline Trapeze and I knew right away I wanted to share them. As soon as I read about this place I got excited. How cool that you can actually try out being a circus star!

Cate is 10 and has been doing gymnastics and cheer for several years. She really loved the experience (so much that Cheryl purchased some additional sessions while they were there). She said the scariest part was climbing up the ladder, and the waist belt can be uncomfortable as it’s very tight (they don’t use leg harnesses, like you would with rock climbing, so it needs to be tight).

She learned two skills during her two-hour session – flipping upside down and holding onto the bar with her legs, and grabbing the arms of the instructor to swing with him. There are names for both of these moves, of course, but during our soccer game conversation Cheryl couldn’t recall them. We all know that feeling!

Her session started with some on-the-ground instructions and then you take turns. There were 10 people in the class – adults and kids – and four instructors. Although you’d think she spent a lot of time waiting, Cheryl said that wasn’t the case. It all went very smoothly and Cate was able to get up on the trapeze 7-8 times. The waiting time goes quickly. Towards the end, some of the older participants (moms) opted to stop and let the younger students go. I’m sure they were getting tired (not Cate).
According to Cheryl, the instructors were all very patient and helpful. Cate wasn’t that nervous and said it felt like monkey bars up in the air. Skyline recommends the class for ages 8 and up, but will take younger kids. Cheryl agreed that 8+ is a good age, and she doesn’t think she’d go any younger. My biggest question to her was if she was worried. She responded: “I’m more worried when they go on a ski lift.”

Skyline Trapeze
15505 Wright Brothers Dr.
Addison, TX

Photo from Skyline Trapeze

Cheryl Canon is a North Dallas mom to two sons and one daughter.