We checked out the outdoor pool at the Tom Muehlenbeck Rec Center today. Wow! What an amazing, busy place!

We went around noon on a Thursday and there was a line to get into the pool (the pool entrance is left of the main entrance).  We paid our daily fee (they take credit cards, and you can also join and get admission to all of the rec centers) and found a spot to hang out.  Thankfully my boys are both good swimmers and old enough to explore on their own, so I picked a spot and didn’t move.  I figured I would quickly loose sight of them in such a large, busy place, so if I stayed in one spot they could easily find me.  This strategy worked well for us.

A posted sign says children under seven need to have an adult in the water actively supervising them.  There are life jackets available, so if your child isn’t a great swimmer definitely grab one of those.  If you’ve got little kids who tend to roam/run off you’ll appreciate the life jacket as this place is sprawling and busy.  If you can keep them in the sprayground area that will help a lot.


There are basically three water areas to this pool.  The first area is a water playground/splash ground with shallow water, water sprays and some playground equipment.


This area connects to the pool steps with a ramp.  The pool is 3’6″ deep and has a one basketball net and a volleyball net plus a water fountain-like feature.


The last water area contains three giant slides.  Two are open and one is a closed tube.  My older son enjoyed all three and said they were slow.  My younger son is timid and wanted nothing to do with them, even with the promise of $1 from his brother.  There are life guards with walkie-talkies at the top and bottom of the slides making sure the kids don’t collide.  You have to be 48″ tall to use the slides.


There are lots of life guards around and lots of places to sit in all of the areas, except the slides.  There are plenty of shades and umbrellas.  They sell food and beverages there and you can bring your own.  I noticed a lot of coolers in the picnic table area.  I don’t recall seeing any water fountains.  They also sell swim diapers and sunscreen.


You can hold a birthday party there.  The outside pool has a covered picnic table area available to two parties at a time.

Party area

There are large, clean bathrooms by the concession stand.  There are lockers available for use inside the rec center (none outside).  There is no charge but you need to bring your own lock (or purchase one for $5).  If you have opposite gender kids over the age of three you need to use to family changing area instead of the single-gender locker rooms.

Pool ladies bathroom

Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center
5801 W Parker Rd, Plano