I’m what some people call a golf widow – a woman married to a man who plays a lot of golf.  Thankfully my single-digit handicap husband is considerate and doesn’t play an excessive amount of golf…but it’s still a really time (and $) consuming sport!

TopGolf is an electronically-enabled driving range with music, some temperature controls and food.  You rent out your area (it’s cheaper to go before noon) and can get food and beverages from the waitstaff.  You can bring your own golf clubs or use theirs (no extra charge). If you want clubs for kids, ask when you check in as they don’t keep these at every bay. We started with a 60-minute slot but extended it by 30-minutes, which is really a simple process (and you don’t have to tell them ahead of time). They don’t take reservations, but the place is huge and we didn’t have to wait for a spot even though the parking lot was full. You also pay $5 per golfer to join, and you only pay this fee once. We opted to have my husband and older son join, since our little kid wasn’t interested that day and I’ve never played golf. I did hit one ball off my husband’s membership card, which is totally fine with TopGolf.

Some bays have tall tables and some have couches or chairs with low tables.

There are some games you can play (scramble, top chip, etc.) but we just hit balls.  Each player hits 20 balls on their turn, and the computer tracks exactly where to ball went if it hits a target. There are giant targets in the grass, segmented like a dart board.  The closer you get to the flag (center) the more points you get. It doesn’t matter if the ball rolls or bounces in…you still get the same points. My husband commented that this was a very encouraging way to score as you’re more likely to get points, which makes you feel good. Our son’s account said KidsZone on the screen, and he was awarded higher points for the same shots as his dad, which certainly encouraged him!

Meanwhile my little kid enjoyed watching the score on the screen, the baseball game that was playing on another TV, the music and the food.  There is a wide red line indicating how far back you should stand from the golfer, which the employee explained when he walked us through the process. There is also a small net (see above photo) immediately after the golfing area, just in case, but this certainly isn’t a place you’d want to bring a crawler or toddler!  It was a little chilly the day we were there, but we were not cold as there are heaters and we had on warm clothes.

We enjoyed the Signature Nachos and wings to start, then a burger (my husband said it had great flavor), the spinach and goat cheese salad (unfortunately drowning in the dressing I requested on the side) and chicken nuggets for my little guy.  They make a great Bloody Mary, and my husband enjoyed a beer (but was disappointed they didn’t have more local brews on the menu).

They also offer lessons, leagues, tournaments and camps for kids as well as birthday (and other) parties.  Overall it was a great experience and we’ll be back! Watch their website for special events, especially for holidays. They also do birthday parties for kids and lots of adult events too.

TopGolf The Colony
3760 Blair Oaks Drive, The Colony
TopGolf Allen
1500 Andrews Parkway, Allen